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Fükitt is correctly and phonetically pronounced [foo-kit] or [fyoo-kit].  (Don't believe us?  Enter "fukitt" and see how it is pronounced in several text-to-speech software:


    Fükitt is an inspirational brand with the mission to inspire and motivate people to live life without regret and accept challenges that are worth the risk. Everyone knows the concept of living life to the fullest but the problem is that it is simply human nature to take things for granted, which is why most people complain continuously about Mondays, traffic, and weather.

    People have argued that they can live life to the fullest every day but not only is that impossible, it is unhealthy. What do they do when they experience a tragic loss or disaster? The idea of living life to the fullest persuade us not to be bothered or influenced negatively by any situation, so we force ourselves into feeling happy, which often leads to abusing drugs and alcohol. Instead, we believe that we should embrace the pain to be able to appreciate the pleasure.

    Most of us don't need to be convinced to think more positively, we just simply need a reminder.  For example, how do you feel when a friend or relative passes away?  We all get a sense of gratitude for our lives and often decide to live life a little bit better, only because we were reminded to appreciate our lives more. But this feeling is temporary and we all find ourselves complaining about situations again...until the next reminder, such as having a friend get into an accident, or seeing someone else less fortunate than you.

    Our goal is for our brand to act as a reminder.  We hope that every time you wear our apparel and see our brand, you will be reminded to stop complaining about your life, to take life a little less for granted and to take more risks when it's worth it.

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